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Tim Kelly is a longtime/former MacOS software and database developer. He used to specialize in mission critical assessment databases that offer platform and software independent user experiences through rigorous adherence to industry standard communication protocols. In addition to his experience in deploying verifiable assessment systems (unlike the electronic voting booths so popular in the U.S), Tim is also heavily involved in researching alternative operating system designs, in particular exokernel designs, where the hardware is exposed instead of abstracted.

In addition to Tim's research and development in computers, he also researches (and engages in) Green building practices and related social issues, including developing and preserving equity value in houses through proper building techniques, as well as using renewable, environmentally-friendly solutions that take the full costs, including CO2 expenditures, into account.

Tim has become increasingly involved in social activism opposed to violence in all forms, such as hate-crimes, economic exploitation, and war machines. His background includes a physics degree, carpentry, and extended motorcycle trips. He doesn't update his web page very often and he doesn't spend much time on eye candy. To contact Tim, email gtkelly at this domain (dialectronics.com) or do a whois on dialectronics.com for contact information.