Not Dead Yet II: Still Not Dead!

The motto of the first trip, with all of my foul ups and close calls, was "Not Dead Yet." Since I'm getting ready to do it again, the motto for this trip is obvious: I'm still not dead!

One hopes, of course, that is the case when I have completed my trip. It will be bigger, badder, and gorier (?) than the first trip. As with any good sequels, this has more explosions, more nudity, more violence, more stunts, and just more of everything!

The itinerary:
Columbia to New Orleans (that'll cover the nudity part)
New Orleans to St. Louis (that'll cover the violence part)
St. Louis to Denver (the brief calm part mid movie)
Denver to Dinosaur National Monument (that'll cover the "bigger" part)
DNM to Bonneville Salt Flats (there's your explosions, hopefully it's other people's engines and not my bike's as I take to the flats to get a timed one mile run at over 100mph)
BSF to Yellowstone (more explosions)
Yellowstone to Glacier National Park (even bigger fires than the first trip)
GNP to Seattle (the sensitive moment in the movie)
Seattle to San Diego by way of the Pacific Coast Highway (the climax)

And if anything strikes my fancy along the way, I'm the director so I can wander where I please! Stay tuned!

Days One through Four (Montgomery, New Orleans, Natchez)
Days Five and Six (Great River Road Park, Memphis)
Days Seven, Eight, and Nine (St. Louis)
Days Ten and Eleven (Junction City, Denver)
Days Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen (Colorado Springs)
Days Fifteen and Sixteen (Independence Pass, Aspen, Vernal )
Days Seventeen and Eighteen (Dinosaur National Monument, Red Fleet Dinosaur Tracks, McConkie Ranch Indian Petroglyphs)
Images up to this point
Days Nineteen and Twenty (Logan, Wendover)
Day Twenty One (Bonneville Salt Flat)
Days Twenty Two through Twenty Four (Twin Falls, Boardman)
Days Twenty Five and Twenty Six (Mt. St. Helens, Port Angeles)
Days Twenty Seven through Thirty (Victoria)
Days Thirty One and Thirty Two (Port Angeles, Bay Center)
Days Thirty Three and Thirty Four (Waldport, Crescent City)
Days Thirty Five and Thirty Six (San Luis Obispo, San Diego)
The second set of pictures

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