June 27, 1998

Tomorrow I start the second leg of my journey. I have enjoyed my stay in Houston. Friday (26th) I worked out at the fitness club Ashley belongs to, and it was a great way to inflict a much more pleasant sort of sort of pain on myself. Later, Ashley showed me around Houston, areas like where she lived before purchasing her home and the multimillion dollar houses not too far around the corner. Both were in close proximity to the Rice University campus, which we walked through. I was quite impressed with the school. The buildings were a mix of old and new, but even the new construction kept the tradition of the old buildings so that without being told I couldn't tell them apart. The campus was exceptionally clean, and the few windows that weren't curtained revealed rooms that must be quite pleasant to learn in. Instead of squirrels as the local fauna, there were rabbits. Everywhere.

Saturday was probably the best day of my stay. After a week of constant adventures, I was able to relax and do mundane things like hang a ceiling fan and replace some door locks, as way of earning my keep for Ashley's gracious hospitality. Thanks again for the shelter and conversation!

The road calls. From here I head to San Antonio via Austin, then over to Fort Stockton, where I leave I-10 for several hundred miles as I head up to Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, Socorro and Gila Cliff in New Mexico. From there I'll make my way to I-10 and head west again. This leg will be the most difficult, and I expect to have difficult posting regularly, but I will still be keeping my journal and updating when it is possible. My timeframe has changed, as I see this whole journey may take a week or two longer than I expected. I had hoped to be in San Diego July 5th, but it isn't possible, and I can't say exactly when I'll make it there (I should know when I get to Tucson). I know I will need a week in SD before being up to the return trip, and if it does take two or three days longer than the week I expect from Houston to San Diego, I know that my return trip will be even longer as I hope to spend several days in Arizona and New Mexico visiting the many Native American ruins.

From my recent troubles with my motorcycle and lodging issues, I know I must be more careful in planning where to stop during the day and at night. This may lead to less miles traveled each day. I hope to log most of my miles before noon each day, but after Monday those miles will be on main highways, but not interstates, and as such the overall speed I can maintain is less.

It is clear to me that this trip will be more than just about seeing places. It will be about the people I meet, and the friends that help out along the way. I can only describe what I see; I can not convey the impact it is having on me, some of which I have not yet fully assimilated. All in all, I look forward to each new challenge and I know I will face many.

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