The general itinerary is south from Newberry, SC to I-10, west on I-10 to I-8 in Casa Grande, AZ, and west on I-8 to San Diego. Along the way, I expect to make backroad excursions into the Louisana peninsula,and visit the Carlsbad Caverns, Area 51 at Roswell, the radio telescopes at Socorro NM, and one or two Native American ruins. After spending several days in San Diego, I will turn north through the Sequoia National Forest, go across Death Valley, and turn south to Las Vegas before picking up I-40 until it's time to turn north to the Grand Canyon, where I will be spending a few more days. After leaving there, I plan to visit the Four Corners, several Navajo and Anasazi ruins, the Petrified Forest and Painted Deserts, and other similar sites before getting back on I-40 through Oklahoma City, Little Rock, and Memphis. Although I'm not an Elvis fan, how can I pass up Graceland? From Memphis it's only a few days back to home at Newberry SC, some five weeks after I left.

I expect to spend most of my nights camping at state and national parks, although I will make consessions to the occasional motel room stay. My internet access is through Earthlink, and most of the time I will be getting phone access through Kinko's Copy Centers that offer free courtesy phones. I expect to check in every two to three days.


In addition to the aforementioned motorcycle and Powerbook, I am carrying a tent, sleeping bag, a propane burner, peanut butter, rice, beans, tea, a cooking set, clothes, and personal effects. Perhaps the most important item I am carrying is the gallon of drinking water. Second is the sun screen lotion. I have enough clothes for three days, but then it's time for the laundromat.

I have my stuff in two bags. I have the Powerbook with its power supply and Ethernet adapter in my backpack, which has my tent strapped to the top and my sleeping bag with pad strapped to the bottom. Most of the rest of the stuff I have in an oversize canvas bag (I have odds and ends in my backpack). I am able to rest the canvas bag on my gas tank and my backpack on the passenger seat, which is quite good because the backpack weighs around 30 pounds and the canvas bag around 60 pounds.

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